Finished Being Fat in the Media

*If you would like to have Betsy or Finished being Fat be a guest on your show, blog, or article, contact * FBF IN THE MEDIA I’ve been so blessed to have my book and journey receive wonderful reviews and national media attention. From that, I’ve had the opportunity to travel and speak around the country to talk about Finishing, weight struggles, and how to Finish being Fat in your own head. Over the last year I’ve been a guest on the TV and Radio shows around the country as well as being featured in magazines, newsprints, and blogs. The list got a bit to big and I lost track of all of them, but here are the highlights.

In January of 2103, The TODAY Show invited me out just after the book came out to talk about weight struggles in relationships.
  January 2013 – Wall Street Journal Article and WSJ LIVE 
Finished being Fat and Mark Macdonald
Finished being Fat gets a new fan, Mark Macdonald – Leading health expert, NY times bestselling author of Body Confidence, CNN and HLN featured expert
And the list continues…
 The Cultural Hall, Everyday People with Ann Buenacore, The Kim Pegano Show, On Point with Carlette Christmas,   Daily Mail UK,  Deseret News,   Daily HeraldSalt Lake MagazineMom ClickNovel Trends, Onward and UpwardFamily ShareReading for Sanity      

Endorsements and praise from TV Personalities, Olympians and more… Endorsements: “Inspiring” -Savannah Guthrie on the TODAY Show “I absolutely believe in what this book teaches. Never give up and push through to the finish. Set goals for yourself and follow through each day to achieve the results you desire.” —Noelle Pikus Pace, Silver Medalist Sochi Olympics, Skeleton World Cup Champion

“Betsy’s humorous and clear voice draws the reader in on her accidental journey to losing 75 pounds and a negative self-image. Not your typical book of bullet points and fitness tips, Finished Being Fat is a novel-style approach that motivates and inspires. Betsy›s candor shares helpful strategies through her personal experience of losing weight and dealing with personal obstacles to change her mindset for good. I found myself using her strategies without making a list to do so! —Connie Sokol, author Faithful, Fit & Fabulous

“Not only is Finished Being Fat engaging and relevant to every woman that has ever had a sliver of self doubt about her body, but your true “voice” and your self-effacing humor make you the sister that has walked the walk right along with me. I recognize my own internal critic in your story. It is compelling. I found myself sneaking back to my computer while the kids ate their Cheerios, or late at night to read another dozen pages. I could not stop. You bravely share the paradigms of your pre-thin mind-set and include the reader on a journey as you become enlightened as to your own worth and power. You are so clearly priceless, and because you pull us along with you via hilarious anecdotal “aha” moments, we recognize this truth about ourselves right along with you. “is book is for EVERYONE, whether or not they have battled weight. It ultimately inspires us to keep on running, never give up, and finish.” —Tres Hatch, TV chef and author of Miracle Pill: 10 Truths to Healthy, Thin, and Sexy

“This book is bright and inspiring—and best of all, doable. Finished Being Fat is the next “Eat, Pray, Love.” You will fall in love with Betsy’s charming, honest voice—and then you will fall in love with yourself, all over again. —Caleb Warnock, bestselling author of Forgotten Skills “Proof that losing weight can be funny, too. Betsy is open and honest—a welcome voice in the discussion about body image and getting fit.” — “Not only an entertaining read in its own right, but Finished Being Fat is full of common sense approaches to a happier and healthier life. I would definitely recommend it to anyone struggling to reach their goals and overcome the burdens of past failures. —Jeffry H. Larson, PhD, bestselling author of Should We Stay Together

“I loved this book from beginning to end. Betsy has a natural sense of humor and down-to-earth way of looking at the world and weight loss, and I appreciated her honesty about her feelings and trials. Finished Being Fat inspired me, and I know it will inspire you, too.” —Tristi Pinkston, author of The Secret Sisters Mysteries and others

“Finished Being Fat is an engaging true story about one woman’s battle with herself. In her journey to lose weight, Betsy learns her problems are deeper than dropping pounds. She learns to drop the walls and attitudes that keep her from living the life she deserves. “e epiphanies within this book truly do inspire others to break out of their self-imposed walls and go on their own journeys.” —Nikki Wilson, founder of