• No Turning Back

    No Turning Back

    Some people are born without fear. They can charge towards something without a second thought. I am NOT one of those people. Don’t get me wrong, I still finish whatever I start. But that […]

  • Budgeting Time

    If you read this blog regularly, you are¬†familiar¬†with the concept of the calorie budget. I have recently learned that other things need to exist on a budget… aside from my credit cards. Time is […]

  • Taking joy in the small stuff

    I realize I have been somewhat absent from the blogosphere for about 6 months. That’s because I have been writing full time on a new Young Adult fiction series and touring–putting on races and […]

  • Fathead

    Consider this the introduction to the sequel of Finished being Fat. One of things I hear most, when I am at signings or speaking to people about my book: “What does ‘Finished being Fat’ […]

  • Goal Tending

    The New Year is just around the corner and you’ve probably got a few resolutions on your mind. If weight loss or getting fit is on your agenda this year, here are some tips […]

  • How Do You Tell a Loved One They’re Fat?

    YOU DON’T! poking the stomach fat If they are truly overweight, I guarantee you they already know. Parents, if your kids are overweight, don’t sit them down and tell them so. I had that […]