• Snack Smart: Egg-cellent protein

    Remember those commercials — The incredible edible egg? This food is often slammed for cholesterol, but it has good fats as well as a complete protein with a full compliment of amino acids. I […]

  • Snack Smart: Fruit Ap-peel

    I don’t care what so called experts say, fruit makes a great snack. You’ve probably heard its bad since its high in fructose. Yes, that’s true. But not high fructose corn syrup, natural god […]

  • Food is not a bandaid

    This has been a tough week for me. The No Crap challenge has been tough to keep when there’s so much crap going on.I’ve always been an emotional eater. When things are good I […]

  • Snack Smart: Add Some Caliente

    A little heat can go a long way. It also serves as stopper from eating to much. This week I made Huancaina sauce (Peruvian cheese sauce) for a class presentation. It has a lot […]

  • Snack Smart: Chips and salsa alternative

    Ok, hear me out. I was skeptical too. But it’s actually good. Salsa is pretty good for you. It’s the tortilla chips that’ll get ya every time. So try enjoying your snacky salsa with […]

  • 9 Tips to Keep Holiday Weight Away

    In most every survey, losing weight and getting fit is at the top of the list of New Year’s resolutions. For thirty years, it was number one on mine until I decided to make […]

  • Snack Smart: The Road Trip

    Ah, the dreaded road trip. The bane of any dieter’s existence. The cure? Plan ahead!! If you know you are going to be driving for umpteen hours, bring your own snacks. Don’t rely on gas […]

  • Snack Smart: Dried Fruit

    Need a yummy low cal snack on the go?Try dried fruit. Its portable and much easier to stuff in a purse or backpack than squishing and bruising that real banana or apple. A word […]